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ATP Betting 101 How to bet on the ATP online

If you are a Tennis fan in the US you probably look forward to all the tournaments in the ATP.
If you're wondering how to bet on the ATP you're in right place.

Here's how you can bet on the ATP in four easy steps:

Step 1 Check if online ATP betting is legal in your state

Tennis betting is legal in most states where online sports betting is legal.

This means you can bet on the ATP if online sports betting is legal in your state.

Legislations may vary between states, so we recommend you to check what forms of betting are legal in your state.

Licensed betting sites like Unibet will offer you the chance to bet on the ATP if it's legal in your state.

Step 2 Visit an ATP betting site or download an ATP betting app

Now that you are 100% sure that ATP betting is legal in your state it's time to move on to step two.
Visit a legal ATP betting site like Unibet and check out the odds and betting offers.
At Unibet you'll also find our betting app on our website.
ATP Betting apps make it easier for you to bet on live ATP matches while you watch them live on your TV or streaming device.

Step 3 Sign up

You can check out the latest ATP odds and betting lines for free on online sportsbooks in the US.

But If you want to place a bet, you need to sign up and make a quick deposit.

Your deposits are usually processed instantly on Unibet.

You can sign up with Unibet in less than 90 seconds and grab a $500 risk free bet when you sign up with us.

Step 4 Place your bet

Now you're all set and ready to go.
Place your bets and enjoy the game!

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ATP Betting Guide How Does ATP Betting Work?

The ATP Tour is the main professional men’s tennis circuit.
It covers all four of the Grand Slam events plus a host of other competitions across the calendar year.

ATP Tennis is popular among Unibet customers and we’d like to talk you through the process.
Welcome on board and please take a moment to check out our guide.

We’ll start things off with two opening questions:

  1. What are ATP Tennis odds and how do they work?
  2. What Tennis markets are quoted at Unibet?

What are ATP Tennis odds and how do they work?

In that order, let’s begin with odds: Odds tell us two things.

  1. The probability of either player winning.
  2. How much you will be paid if your tennis bet wins

We're gonna start off with an ATP moneyline bet to show you how ATP odds work.
ATP moneyline odds are also called ATP vegas odds.
ATP moneylines look something like this:

ATP moneyline

This is a match between Jannik Sinner and Nick Kyrgios from Indian Wells.
The minus symbol lets us know that Sinner is the favorite to win.
Kyrgios with his plus prefix is the underdog.

That’s probability 101: The player with the minus prefix has a higher chance of winning, according to our odds setters.
Public opinion also has a say and we’ll come onto that point.

The second question related to payouts.
What do those numbers mean if we have landed a winning bet?

Let’s take Kyrgios first: The figure of +102 tells us that we will receive $102 back for every $100 staked.
For Sinner, the -125 price means that we need to bet $125 to win 100 Bucks.

The stakes are for illustration: Bet what you want between our minimum and maximum limits.
You can use the guidelines to do your calculations and our betslip will clearly list outlay and potential returns.

ATP Public Betting

We mentioned the public but what do they know about ATP Tour betting?
They don’t always get it right but public opinion is likely to follow the laws of probability.

Over time, bets placed will affect the markets. Our odds setters will have the final say but the weight of public opinion will always identify a favorite.

If the public have called it correctly, the theory is that you have a greater chance of winning if you back the favorite.
The returns for the bet will be smaller.

If you bet against the public, you may have a smaller chance of landing your bet but the profits are higher.
Favorites won’t win all the time and it’s down to you to make the final call.

The Different ATP Betting Options

We’ve just looked at an opening bet when explained how ATP odds work by showing you how ATP moneyline bets look like.

It couldn’t be easier as an entry point. Choose your player and place your bets. There is no tie in tennis so it’s all about the winner.

Picking that winner isn’t always as straightforward but we’ll offer you some tips and advice later on. For now, it’s time to look at some other ATP bets.

#1 ATP Totals Betting

A quick reminder of the rules of tennis: four points are needed to win a game. Six games are needed to win a set.

OK so players need to win by two clear points and two clear sets but let’s not complicate things.

The method of scoring in professional tennis offers opportunities for totals betting. You can stake on.

• Total Sets
• Total Games in the Match
• Total Games in a Set

Here’s an example of Total Sets betting in the ATP:

ATP totals betting

Unless it’s a Grand Slam event, the maximum number of sets in an ATP Tour match is three. The first player to two sets wins the game.

Unibet will set a line at 2.5 for ATP matches. You judge whether to go Over or Under that line before placing your bet.

In this example, odds of +115 are in play for Over 2.5 sets. This means that you stand to win $115 for every $100 staked.

In the Unders column, ATP Odds of -148 mean you need to bet $148 to win $100.

#2  ATP Prop Bets

The term ‘prop’ is short for proposition. Think of it as a bet on something that could happen during a tennis match.

Examples of ATP prop bets will include:

• Correct Score
• Player to win a specific set

If the props sound interesting, how can you find them?

Just click on a match and scroll down. Below the moneyline and other main markets are some drop down menus. Take time to look around and see which markets are available.

#3  ATP Parlays

Let’s parlez about Parlays: Firstly, what is a ATP parlay bet?

A parlay is a multiple: It can consist of any number of selections from two upwards.
It’s sometimes called a straight line multiple because all your bets are in an imaginary line.

If all your ATP parlay picks win and the parlay lasts until the end, you are paid out. On the flip side, the line is broken and the bet is lost if one or more of the selections fail.

There are two kinds of ATP parlays: The first is a single game ATP parlay and you don’t have to be a genius to work this one out.

Your selections can be taken from markets within a single ATP match. Here’s what we mean:

3 leg single game ATP parlay

Each bet is called a leg. Because we have 2 picks for this ATP parlay we have ourselves a 2 leg ATP parlay.

In this ATP Tour match between Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios, we’ve backed Nadal to win and Over 2.5 sets. The odds are clearly shown for our single game Parlay.

Parlays can also be spread over two or more tennis matches. Here’s a three-leg parlay from a regular gameday on the ATP Tour.

3 leg ATP Parlay bet

We’ve kept faith with Rafa Nadal and added Taylor Fritz and Grigor Dimitrov to win their matches.
In this image, the ATP odds are clearly shown.

We can also see just what to expect if the bet is a winner.
Remember, all three of those players need to win their games if the parlay is to pay out.

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ATP Betting Tips and Strategies

Whether you're a greenhorn or a seasoned bettor it doesn't hurt to step up your betting game!
We're all about quality intel here on Unibet.
That's why we got some ATP betting strategies and tips so that you can tilt those ATP odds and lines in your favor!

#Tip 1: Consider those ATP Odds

What are the ATP odds telling you?
Our odds setters and the public have joined forces and they are sending you a message.
Remember the probability factor here; the outcome with the shortest odds has a higher chance of winning.

There will never be any guarantees but the market and the public’s voice should be heard. What are we telling you?
Do you agree or disagree with our assessment?

The final decision is yours but you should be prepared to back up your findings.

#Tip 2: Learn About Research

If you’re serious about ATP tennis betting then you have to put in some hard yards. We’ve done our own work and the rest is down to you.

Before confirming any bet you should look at some statistics. Here are some points to consider.

  • Form
  • Head-to-head results
  • Players’ records on this surface and in this tournament
  • Possible injuries

If the players have gone deep into the tournament, they’re both in good form. But what if one has progressed without dropping a set?

If his opponent is being taken to three sets and scraping through on tie breaks then you have an indicator.

Have these players met recently? If so, the previous result can offer you a pointer. Head-to-head outcomes between the two opponents should be studied.

Certain players prefer certain surfaces. Roger Federer likes the grass courts of Wimbledon but isn’t quite as productive on the clay surfaces of Roland Garros. This is another factor that can offer clues for your tennis betting strategy.

Study records in tournaments and on surfaces and you may have some clues for future winning bets.

#Tip 3: Consider ATP Futures Early

There aren’t too many upsets in modern day tennis.

Back in 1985, Boris Becker converted as a +1000 outsider to win Wimbledon.
Over on the women’s WTA Tour, Emma Raducanu pulled off an even more remarkable win at the US Open in 2021.

As those players went deeper into the tournament, their odds of winning will have shortened.
It’s the same for any player including the likes of Federer, Djokovic and Nadal.
At the start of the tournament, they will carry longer prices. Moving forward, the odds will come down.

Unibet's ATP futures bets are open in advance of each tournament.
If you’re going to consider a bet, look to take advantage of early futures odds.

#Tip 4: Is ATP Parlay Betting for you?

We’ve given you the mechanics of parlay betting and now you have to make a decision. Is this the type of bet that you want in your armory?

There is the prospect of higher ATP odds but they are countered by the greater exposure.
You may want to start out small: Take two selections at minus odds and combine them.

Use this as a strategy for a while and judge whether you want to ramp it up.
Parlays make things interesting but they’re not for everyone.
Consider them carefully before getting involved.

#Tip 5: Let Unibet add some value

You’ll find competitive odds across our tennis sportsbook. We are crazy about those odds and we want to give you value for money.

As an added extra, we also provide a welcome bonus and other promotions when you come on board.

Make sure you opt in for notifications while checking the promotions tab on our website. There are some super deals here and we don’t want you to miss them.